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Bogun Realty and Luxury Homes – Open House Extraordinaire!

July 23, 2013

Bogun Realty and Luxury Homes – Open House Extraordinaire!

At Bogun Realty and Luxury Homes, we plan, implement, and enjoy the most extraordinary and successful open house events.  We simply relish the opportunity to list a home, entice the largest crowd of potential buyers that community has ever seen, and proudly present and flaunt the home in all of its delicious glory.


Why do we get so excited about open houses when many in our industry simply do not host open house events and some even perceive them as time wasting drudgery?  We embark on open houses like the announcement and presentation of a precious new-born child ala “Lion King” style or the announcement and victory walk of “Ms. America” at the end of the pageant.  In either case, our open house events are highly anticipated by endless prospective buyers because we create unprecedented buzz and excitement.  No exaggeration here, we really had over 600 visitors during a double-back Saturday and Sunday open house events at 4516 Petit Avenue, Encino, California which can be seen at

Before Open House Events :
1.  Just as in the birth of any “child”, no one is allowed to visit the home until the first open house.  This creates pent-up interest and ensures the home is only seen when it is “show-ready.”
2. We create compelling marketing pieces and dedicated virtual tour website for the property prior to open house events so prospective buyers eagerly consume the information and impatiently yearn to visit the property. The property is described in vivid and romanticized details – architectural styles, colors of nature, aromas of flowers, vegetation, vistas, and so much more.  See example at
3. We purchase “Open House” promotions on which emails our open house announcements directly to over a million prospective buyers. We also promote our open houses on all the usual websites – MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, many exclusive luxury home websites and we garner vast interest with our intriguing blogs.
4. We install a “For Sale” sign on the property’s front lawn with beautiful colorful glossy brochures that specify date and time of upcoming open house events.


During Open Events:
1. We limit “Open House” directional signs on the street of the property to discourage “looky loos” and “mischievous elements” and encourage only serious prospective buyers who specifically learnt of the open house event from legitimate home buying portals. 
2. Visitors are allowed into the home only during open house hours (not before, not after). We treat the event very seriously and respect our homeowner’s time; as such, we want our visitors to do the same.
3. Visitors are greeted warmly, handed captivating brochures and they are required to complete the “Sign-In Book” providing their name, number, email, and other contact information.
4. We enthusiastically and ceremoniously unveil, expose, present, parade, flaunt and show-off the home as a precious trophy. We rattle off interesting architectural and community history, school district, humorous anecdotes, property features, and so much more. During the open house, we embody proud stewards of the home.

After Open House Events:
1. We thank all visitors who provided their contact information in the “Sign-In” Book. We also inform visitors of the next open house event.
2. Our crowded open houses guarantee that prospective buyers are convinced that the house is highly desired, multiple offers should be expected, and they should make their offer quickly.
3. We review and acknowledge receipt of all offers as soon as possible and promptly request any missing documents.
4. We sell the home in the shortest time and for the highest proceed.


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If you are interested in selling your home or purchasing a home, contact Bandele Oguntomilade at 818-825-6996.  Bandele Oguntomilade is a Certified Residential Specialist and the Broker and Owner of Bogun Realty and Luxury Homes in Woodland Hills, California.  You may visit us at