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FREE Home Buyers Seminar in Sherman Oaks on Wednesday March 23 at 7PM – All Are Welcomed!

March 21, 2011


Wednesday 03/23/11 @ 7:00PM to 9:00PM

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Seminar Location:  Sherman Oaks


  • How to Qualify for a Home Loan in Today’s Market
  • How Your Mortgage Can Cost Less than Your Rent
  • Steps to buying a home, the process
  • How to Get Available Money from City, State, and Federal agencies
  • How to Improve Your Credit Scores
  • How to Get Special Tax Deductions
  • What Your Real Estate Agent Should Do For You
  • How to Get the Home You Want in Today’s Competitive Market for a Discount
  • The 3 Key Contract Terms to Protect You from a Bad Purchase
  • What to Look For In a Home Inspection to Protect You
  • How To Get Repair Credits from Sellers to Fix Defects in the Home
  • What to expect, physical and emotional when buying a home
  • Much More . . .

Bandele Oguntomilade, Realtor

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A Home of One’s Own: As American as Apple Pie!

March 12, 2011

While the “American Dream” may have evolved quite a bit since the Honeymooners, the Brady Bunch and Leave It To Beaver, homeownership is still the “dream” that has remained alive and vibrant in American hearts for more than 234 years!  This American dream of homeownership is even more strongly pursued today despite reports of tightening lending standards and other barriers to home-ownership.  Apparently, the recent economic recession has not gotten in the way of America’s “pursuit of life, liberty and happiness”.  Defiantly, we daily observe Americans, throughout the USA, dusting themselves off from the grime of the recent recession and courageously “taking the bull by the horn” by exploiting newly created opportunities to own homes whether through the REO or foreclosure markets, short sales, fixers, lower and more affordable home prices and lower interest rates.


Martha Stewart recently stated “to be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition . . our families and our homes are the center of American life.  And everything we do is to make those homes – and the lives in them – more beautiful, more comfortable, more functional, and more full of life and light and joy for those we love.  At the end of the day, that is the American dream.  All the rest is window dressing.”  Clearly, home is that one place where we create an environment that is our own, establish traditions, mold our family’s values, and form our identity.  This profoundly intense love of “home” was dramatized in the classic movie “Gone with the Winds” where the southern heroine, Scarlett O’Hara, fights through war, fire, explosives and other life-threatening catastrophes (she even resists the advances of wealthy and handsome Rhett Butler) just to make it back home to her family’s estate of Tara.

In addition to pride of ownership, physical security and contentment; today, homeownership still carries significant financial advantages despite the recession.  Existing home sales in California rose by 7.9% in January 2011 because homes have become much more affordable – even more affordable than renting in the low to medium purchase price range after you factor in the tax write-offs for all mortgage interest and property taxes.  Even with the expiration of the 1st-time home buyer credit, 1st-time home buyers still purchased 29% of the homes in January 2011.

Most homeowners still think that their property is a better investment than stocks.  According to the 2010 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers by the National Association of Realtors, first-time home buyers accounted for 50 percent of all home sales in 2010. Thus, most younger adults are more interested in owning their own homes today than ever.

The Woodland Hills community is no exception to these trends. For first time home buyer, Beth Schoenberger, achieving her dream of homeownership meant pooling her resources.  While she looked in other greater Los Angeles communities, it was Woodland Hills that had the combination of affordable choices that appealed to her taste. “I am so happy with the neighborhood. Everything we could ever want is in the immediate area: restaurants, shops, grocery stores, cleaners—even a shoe shine!” says Schoenberger. “Our neighbors are friendly too.  We made a good decision.”

The American Dream is definitely still alive, and home ownership is still a very real and achievable part of that dream.  If you’re in looking in the Los Angeles area, consider Woodland Hills as a place to call home especially with so many affordable properties now available.  Additionally, if you are renting and desire to own your own home, I encourage you to attend our monthly FREE Home Buyer Seminars.  Register by Clicking HERE.

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