Energy Saving Tips for Woodland Hills Home Owners

With rising energy costs, contracting household incomes, and a general need to be better stewards of our resources, winter time is an excellent time for Woodland Hills home-owners to implement these effective energy savings and safety initiatives:


1.       Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit.  This simple and thorough assessment of your living space will uncover numerous ways to increase your energy efficiency.   Keep a close eye on appliances that generate heat, such as computers, televisions, dryers.  Don’t drape anything flammable over these items.  Avoid covering cords beneath flammable material such as rugs.  Stow electric cords away from pets and children.  Check cords regularly for frays, cracks, kinks and use tape or twist ties to keep cords in place.  Turn off lights when not in use.  Run your dryer at night, if at all.  Curb hot water usage by washing most clothes in cold water.  Consider plugging all TV and DVD components into one power strip and get into the habit of turning it off when not in use.


2.       Heating/Cooling Equipment. Keep air-conditioning and heating equipment clean. Replace or clean filters and condensing coils frequently.  If unit is more than 15 years old, consider replacing it with a newer and more energy efficient unit.  You may also gain some tax credit if implemented  before end of 2010.


3.       Lighting.  Determine how much lighting you need for safety and security.  Then select the lowest wattage bulb to provide that light.  Place timers, photo or motion sensors on outdoor security lighting.  Replace high wattage bulbs with compact florescent lamps (CFLs) wherever possible.


4.       Windows and Doors.  Prevent winter heat loss and summer heat gain by installing dual-pane windows or infrared absorbing window film. Weather stripping all doors and windows and caulking opening around electric, plumbing and lighting fixtures will help cut heat loss significantly.  Check ductwork for air leaks and repair as needed.


5.       Walls and Ceilings.  Adding insulation to a poorly insulated house will significantly save energy cost in a home.


For more energy saving tips for Woodland Hills home-owners, please contact your Real Estate Broker, Bandele Oguntomilade at 818-825-6996 or visit



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