Alternative Paths to Homeownership – Seller Financed, Owner-Will-Carry, Lease-Option Homes are Available Now!

Many Americans in these challenging times are now seeking viable alternative paths to homeownership.  “Seller financed homes”. “owner-will-carry” and “lease-options” certainly offer alternative paths for homeownership during these difficult times.

With the high rate of foreclosures and even higher short sales, a lot of prior homeowners who may have missed some payments may doubt their ability to acquire a new home using conventional financing.  Additionally, with the high rate of job losses, reduced work hours, furloughs, and other reduction in household income, many doubt their ability to obtain a home through traditional forms of financing.   

Despite these challenges, the desire to own a home versus renting a home is still a very strong desire amongst would-be home buyers.  These economic challenges and severely restrictive financing have caused many home-sellers to become flexible and creative in order to get their homes sold.  Some sellers will offer to finance the buyer’s purchase of their home at prevailing interest rates and as long as the buyer can come up with a decent down-payment.  These transactions are usually referred to as “Seller financed homes” or “owner-will-carry homes.”   If a buyer needs some time to save up a down-payment and maybe improve their credit scores, some sellers will offer a “lease-option” in which the buyers begins by leasing the home and eventually purchases the home. 

These alternatives can prove to be a win-win solution for both buyers and sellers in these challenging times.  If you would like a FREE list of “Seller financed homes”, “owner-will-carry homes” or “lease-option homes”, please click on the link immediately below or call Bandele Oguntomilade at 818-825-6996.

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Bandele Oguntomilade is the broker and owner of Bogun Realty and Luxury Homes in Woodland Hills, California.  You may visit us at or call 818-825-6996.


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