One More Hour . . “What to do?”

Daylight Savings Time ends tomorrow  and we must turn our clocks back one hour on November 7th

The big question is ”what to do” with this precious extra one-hour, 60 minutes, 3,600 seconds

Do we enjoy much needed shut-eye of recuperative sleep with this extra hour?

Do we desire a mid-course correction so we spend the extra hour strategizing for a “do-over” in a challenging economic climate?

Do we need the slate wiped clean thus spend the hour looking for the proverbial “reset button”?

Do we suddenly realize that we have ample new opportunities all around us to realize some of our fondest dreams?

What can we really achieve in 1 hour or 60 minutes or 3600 seconds?  Consider the following one-hour historic feats!

  1. Walking on the moon
  2. Winning or losing most wars
  3. Electing a new American president
  4. 9/11
  5. Seizing or freeing hostages (Iran hostage crisis)
  6. Kosovo, Waco, Katrina
  7. Birthing a child
  8. Conceiving a world-changing idea (earth flat v. round, antibiotics, the light bulb, the internet!)
  9. Winning million dollars in the Lotto
  10. 10.  Changing a paradigm
  11. 11.  Birthing a dream (Microsoft, Facebook)
  12. 12.  Changing a life (freeing Chilean miners)
  13. 13.  Changing a destiny!


So, as Day-Light Savings ends on this November 7, go ahead, spend your extra hour initiating your life- changing, value-adding activity or event :

  1.  Get as much sleep as you desire to recharge and recuperate from many months of hard work;
  2. “Course correct” if you need a “do-over” from overly burdensome mortgages by seeking modifications or refinances;
  3. Hit that proverbial “Reset Button” if your home has become unaffordable, under-water in debt; by embracing a graceful and dignified exit with government sponsored short sales;
  4. Get that home of your dreams by discovering that homes can now be acquired at very low prices and for very low interest rates.


For assistance, call me at 818-825-6996 or email me at or visit me at


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