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Three Passions Lead to Three Reinventions for Bandele Oguntomilade

November 13, 2009

First I was an architectural designer. Then I became a lawyer. Now I own a real estate brokerage firm.

My original career choice as an architect was significantly influenced by my father. My dad is an engineer who believed that wealth is amassed through real estate development and acquisition. When my dad returned to Nigeria from schooling in England, Nigeria was an oil-rich developing country with many opportunities for returning countrymen to be pioneers, build roads, bridges, airports, schools, other infrastructure and housing estates. My dad worked for the government; however, privately he purchased lots of land, and developed properties from dirt up to earn significantly extra income to pay tuition for his 6 children.

My dad named me “Bandele”, which means “follow me home” because I was born on the day he purchased his 1st home. I followed him to all his real estate development sites as early as 5 years old. I witnessed both of the creative aspects of developing land and the grueling aspects of protecting your land in a developing country. It was exhilarating watching buildings being built from foundation to roof and discovering how all the systems came together; Architecture, was my 1st passion and love.

Attending architecture school in Clemson University was like a religious indoctrination of how one sees the world by constantly judging the utility and quality of designed spaces. In architecture school, we saw the world as being divided into 2 groups, architects and civilians. I was a faithful believer in the power of architecture to improve the quality of life and society.

After graduating from Clemson, I moved to Washington, D.C. for graduate school and  because it was “the one” designed capital city that every American architecture student must live in. After 4 years of practicing architecture, then came the late 80’s recession. It was time to reinvent myself into a profession that was more “recession proof.” Thus, law school.

This particular reinvention came with a lot of guilt relating to “selling out”, abandoning the purity and nobility of architecture for a more lucrative profession. I crammed for the LSATs after work, got into George Mason University School of Law in northern Virginia and 4 years later became a real estate lawyer. I was blessed with many wonderful legal job opportunities over 12 years at major mortgage companies working as executive in-house lawyer, advising the business units and consummating billions of dollars of mortgage backed securities transactions with wall street firms .

However, after 2 corporate relocations, from Maryland, to Chicago to California, I was ready for my long awaited entreprenueral pursuit as the proprietor of a real estate brokerage firm, my final reinvention.  This pursuit was the marriage of two undisputed personal passions: architecture and profit. In this, I was not selling out; I was simply fulfilling the honorable cause of helping people achieve home-ownership and build wealth.

4.5 years ago, I obtained my California real estate brokerage license, formed Bogun Enterprises, as a California Corporation, and began doing business as a real estate broker. During my 1st year in business, my clients ranged from 1st time buyers of $300K condos to a purchaser of a $17 million estate (which included a mansion, 3 servant quarters, several guest houses, 60 acres of avocado farm, small gas station, 4 wells, several generators, small soccer field and a helipad) – thus I adopted the tagline from “Condos to Castles”.

Today, I attribute my success as a real estate broker in helping many buyers purchase homes at every level of spending and sellers market distinctive properties and luxury estates to drawing on my background in architectural design and real estate law. I further attribute my success to authentically living out my core beliefs that homeownership is a fundamental human right, and wealth is effectively amassed through real estate acquisition; to that end, I enthusiastically serve all who strive to own their piece of the American dream.

Bandele Oguntomilade is the owner and CEO of Bogun Enterprises, a full service real estate brokerage firm in Woodland Hills, California. She is a Certified Residential Specialist, Member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing and has earned the highly coveted National Association of Realtors “Green Designation”. Bandele can be reached at 818-825-6996 and

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November 13, 2009

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